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- Natalie Susmann, PhD

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Natalie Susmann, PhD


About Me:

I am the Digital Literacy Librarian. I have a PhD in Archaeology and study sacred landscape in ancient Greece. Using digital technology, I explore why certain boundaries, structures, and natural features are remembered and reframed; why other are forgotten. I help the Brandeis community apply technology to questions about culture and society. I work with wide array of digital tools and methodologies, including text analysis, Geographic Information Systems, 3D Modeling, public outreach, open access, database design and management. 



Collaboration Options:

  • Guidance + advice on all stages of your digital research project

  • Curious about Digital Humanities/Digital Social Sciences but have no idea where to start? I can explain what tools and skills relate to your work.

  • Help shaping/reshaping your courses to meet Digital Literacy requirements

  • Hands-on training sessions. In-person, remote, and (a)synchronous options available

  • Customized workshops for departments interested in discipline-specific digital research

Get in Contact:

  • Use the dropdown menu above to book an online or in-person appointment. If you do not see any options that work for your schedule, email me directly.

  • I might be able to answer your question over email. Please be as specific as possible and attach any relevant information: screenshots of errors, datasets, etc. 

  • For questions about Latte, please contact ITS


Appointment Availability: Natalie Susmann, PhD is available for both in-person and online appointments.

How to make an appointment: Use the drop-down menu above to select Online or In-Person appointments.