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Intro to Soldering

Intro to Soldering In-Person

[IN PERSON]  Step into the spotlight of your own electrifying journey at the university library, where the stage is set for the most thrilling event of the season - "Intro to Soldering" It's not just a workshop; it's your chance to become the hero of an epic tale of innovation and ingenuity.
Feel the pulse of excitement as you prepare to immerse yourself in the secrets of soldering, surrounded by the hallowed tomes of knowledge and the buzzing energy of like-minded enthusiasts. The library, once a sanctuary of study, now becomes the arena for a spectacle that will redefine your academic adventure.
Armed with a fiery soldering iron and an unyielding passion for exploration, you will traverse a path of discovery, unlocking the mysteries of connectivity and creativity. As the sparks fly and the circuits come to life, you will witness the unfolding drama of this larger-than-life saga.
Get ready to be the master of your own destiny. Reserve your place now for the "Intro to Soldering" Workshop and be prepared to shape your own legend in the exhilarating world of soldering. The library beckons, and the journey begins with you! :zap:

No prior experience necessary.

The training takes place in person at the Brandeis Automation Lab, located in the back right corner of Goldfarb 1 near the windows closest to Usdan. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2024
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Time Zone:
Eastern Time - US & Canada (change)
Automation Lab, Goldfarb Level 1
  MakerLab, Automation Lab & Digital Scholarship Lab  

Registration is required. There are 3 seats available.

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Registration for most of our workshops requires a brandeis.edu email address. If you don't have a brandeis.edu email address and are trying to register for a workshop which requires one, please email librarycalendar@brandeis.edu and we’d be happy to figure out an option for you.

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